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mdm.System.postMessage(windowID:Number, messageNo:Number, wParam:Number, lParam:Number):Void

windowID:Number - Window handle

messageNo:Number - Message identifier

wParam:Number - wParam value

lParam:Number - lParam value


Sends a system message (by using the Windows API PostMessage procedure) to the specified window.

To retrieve a list of running windows and their window handles use System.getWindowList().

This command should only be used for sending simple messages, and will ONLY work on Windows that are able to receive and process these specific messages. Structures and Events should not be sent and will not work.

Here is a full list of windows messages. Please note that a lot of messages are unusable from within a Zinc application.

Example Code
//Here, the 'WM_QUIT' message is sent to the specified window:
mdm.System.postMessage(5024, 18, 0, 0);

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