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Windows, Mac OSX


formName:String [required] the name of form as given in Zinc builder or as given when using mdm.Application.createForm method

instance of object that represents application window (form) at runtime

IMPORTANT: getFormByName(...) method is the only possible programmatic way to get access to {mdm} script form instance. AS1/AS2 old syntax like mdm.Forms["FORM_NAME"] or mdm.Forms.thisForm are not supported at this release

You could handle situation when getFormByName( ) do not return refence to object, that is:

var form = mdm.Forms.getFormByName("SomeFormName");

as handling point for error:

// handle error
// e.g. misspelled form name

Example Code

var form = mdm.Forms.getFormByName("OtherForm")
if(form) form.maximize();

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User Comment by Jens Eckervogt on 28th July 2014 - 18:40
Wait! I see like they have tested under Linux, It works fine like post from

Is it document issus?
mdm.Forms.getFormByName("sampleForm") works fine under Linux yet.

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