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Windows, Mac OSX, Linux



This method could return either String or Array - depending on dialog selection mode and user action

Displays a BrowseFile dialog which allows the user to select any file from their system. When the user has selected file, the full path to the file is returned.

If the user selects CANCEL the value returned will be the string "false".

This command can return either a string or an array depending on the file(s) selected. If the user selects one file a String will be returned. If multiple files are selected an array of Strings will be returned.

Example Code
//Simple example:
var myFile:String = mdm.Dialogs.BrowseFile.show()
//If Dialogs.BrowseFile.allowMultiple is set to true and a user selects multiple files:
var myFiles:Array = mdm.Dialogs.BrowseFile.show();

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