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Windows, Mac OSX

mdm.Audio.startRecording(filename:String, sampleRate:Number, recordingMode:Number):Void

filename:String - The output filepath

sampleRate:Number - The sample rate

recordingMode:Number - Recording mode


Uses the system sound capture capabilities to record audio from a Microphone or any Line In. On Windows, an uncompressed .wav file is created, whilst Mac OSX Projectors will create an MPEG 4 Audio .m4a file.

The 'sampleRate' parameter must have a value of either 44100, 22050 or 11025.

The 'recordingMode' parameter must have either value 1 for mono or 2 for stereo.

Example Code
// Windows
mdm.Audio.startRecording("myRecording.wav", 44100, 2);

// Mac OSX
mdm.Audio.startRecording("myRecording.m4a", 44100, 2);

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