The AppleScript Class has been deprecated in Zinc 4.0. It is included for legacy support but is no longer maintained and maybe removed completely in a future 4.x update.

The following table lists the methods for the AppleScript class

Method Description Availability
AppleScript.compileScript() Compiles a previously defined AppleScript and returns a boolean indicating whether or not the c...
AppleScript.getCompilationError() Returns the details of a compilation error.
AppleScript.getLastError() Returns the details of a runtime error.
AppleScript.getProperty() Retrieves the value of the specified property (if applicable).
AppleScript.getResult() Retrieves the AppleScript result value (if applicable). Runs the previously set and compiled AppleScript. Returns boolean indication whether or not the...
AppleScript.runEvent() Executes an Event (a Function that resides inside a AppleScript).
AppleScript.setProperty() Sets the value of the specified property (if applicable).
AppleScript.setScript() Sets the AppleScript function to be executed when is called.