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Windows, Mac OSX, Linux



boolean indicating if process referenced by instance is still open

Returns a boolean indicating whether or not the specified process is active.

Please note that on Mac OS X that is not possible to launch directly Mac OS X native application (Cocoa based) with mdm.Process. If you run application like using mdm.Process with "open" launch service your process will end and return as soon as native appellation is launched. So testing instance of mdm.Process at some point in feature will return false - while you could expect it returning true (as instance of Safari browser is still open).
Only when native tool like shell integrated Unix components are launched with mdm.Process "isOpen" could return expected results - as your process is still running in the background

Example Code
// variable declared elsewhere
private var process:mdm.Process = null;
// after process is created
// was this process already created
if(process != null)
// is this process still running?
// if so kill it (forcefully close)
if(process.isOpen() == true)
var killed:Boolean = process.kill();
// release
process = null;

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Simple Process Example

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