The following table lists the methods for the Database.SQLite class

Method Description Availability
Database.SQLite.close Closes the SQLite connection.
Database.SQLite.error() Returns a boolean indicating whether or not an error occured in the last executed query.
Database.SQLite.errorDetails() Returns the details of the last error.
Database.SQLite.getData() Returns the full query data to a 2 dimensional array. The first dimension contains the row numb...
Database.SQLite.getField() Retrieves data from the specified row and field.
Database.SQLite.getRecordCount() Returns the number of rows in a result set.
Database.SQLite.getXML() Returns the contents of a result set as XML formatted text. Establishes a connection with the SQLite database. If the file is not found, a file will be cre...
Database.SQLite.runQuery() Runs an SQL statement on the database.