The following table lists the methods for the Database.MySQL class

Method Description Availability
Database.MySQL.close() Closes the MySQL database connection.
Database.MySQL.connect() Opens a connection to a MySQL database. Returns a boolean value indicating connection success.
Database.MySQL.getData() Returns the full query data to a 2 dimensional array. The first dimension contains the row numb...
Database.MySQL.getField() Returns a single result from a MySQL by specifying the row and column.
Database.MySQL.getLastError() Returns the last error made (if any) in text form.
Database.MySQL.getLastInsertedId() Returns the id of the last inserted field.
Database.MySQL.getRecordCount() Returns the number of rows in a MySQL result set after a query has been performed.
Database.MySQL.getStatus() Returns the status of a server after a MySQL connection.
Database.MySQL.isConnected Returns a boolean indicating whether or not a connection to the MySQL database is active.
Database.MySQL.runQuery Executes a SQL statement query on a MySQL database and returns a boolean indication whether or ...