The following table lists the methods for the Database.MSAccess class

Method Description Availability
Database.MSAccess.close() Closes the connection with the database.
Database.MSAccess.compact() Compacts and repairs the specified database. All Database data is kept intact.
Database.MSAccess.connect() Connects to the specified database.
Database.MSAccess.connectAbs() Connects to the specified database.
Database.MSAccess.connectReadOnly() Connects to the specified databse in read-only mode.
Database.MSAccess.connectReadOnlyAbs() Connects to the specified database in read-only mode.
Database.MSAccess.error() Returns a boolean indication whether or not a database error has occured in the previous query.
Database.MSAccess.errorDetails() Returns the details of the last error, delimited by a pipe symbol.

The format of this ...
Database.MSAccess.getData() Returns the full query data to a 2 dimensional array. The first dimension contains the row bumb...
Database.MSAccess.getField() Retrieves data from the specified row and field.
Database.MSAccess.getHTML() Returns the contents of a result set as HTML text.
Database.MSAccess.getRecordCount() Returns the number of rows in a result set.
Database.MSAccess.getXML() Returns the contents of a result set as XML formatted text.
Database.MSAccess.runQuery() Runs INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE SQL statement on the database. Runs a SELECT statement on the database after a successful connection.
Database.MSAccess.success() Returns a boolean indicating whether or not the database is connected.